University of Ontario Institute of Technology Viewbook 2005-2006

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The Power of Laptop Learning

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A New University, A New Vision

A new university doesn’t happen everyday. Some universities are steeped in history. At the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), we’re focused on the future – and that means tremendous opportunities for you.

We’re market-oriented, career-focused, and committed to excellence in both teaching and research. Our innovative programs are geared to the real world, and have been created to meet the need for high-end professionals in a variety of growing fields. Some are unique in Canada, and more are being developed every year.

At UOIT, you can count on an outstanding educational experience. Our professors will inspire you. Undergraduate research is a reality, not an empty promise. And as Ontario’s only laptop-based university, we use leading-edge wired and wireless educational technology to enhance learning and give you a competitive edge in tomorrow’s workplace.

In the friendly city of Oshawa, less than an hour from Toronto, we’re building a lively, student-focused environment that inspires excellence. Our beautifully designed buildings are fully networked and incorporate state-of-the-art environmental technology. We offer a wide range of student activities, athletic facilities, and modern, well-equipped residence halls. All first-year students are guaranteed accommodation on campus. Join us in this new journey of learning. Help us build one of the world’s great universities.

A Connected Community

Technology has taken learning to a whole new level, and UOIT is helping to lead the way. But nothing can replace the power of a gifted professor to inspire. We’re assembling some of the very best teachers and researchers in North America. It’s part of our vision to create a community of learners where students play the central role – a safe, nurturing community united by mutual respect, committed to excellence, and driven by the joy of discovery. The university’s vast potential and its smaller, friendlier atmosphere are attracting some of Canada’s top students.


A Whole New World

Students from around the world are being drawn by UOIT’s real-world mix of the theoretical and the practical, as well as its safe, friendly environment. The diversity of our campus community offers wonderful opportunities to share ideas with people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. Our professors also bring a wealth of international and domestic experience to their teaching, further enriching your education.

Learn and LIVE

University is a special time in your life. Mingling with keen minds and learning new things create an incredible energy. Shared challenges lead to lifelong friendships. At UOIT, learning goes far beyond the classroom, and there are many extracurricular activities to enjoy. Our fascinating campus speakers have included Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, the famous advocate for the unjustly imprisoned, and popular science broadcaster Jay Ingram. Students are involved in more than 25 campus clubs, from the Modern Poets Society to one of the newest groups – the solar racing team. You can volunteer as a peer tutor or by helping students with special needs. E.P. Taylor’s, our campus pub, features a regular lineup of enjoyable entertainment for all ages, including comedy at lunch, Campus Idol, and our regular Battle of the Bands. Campus-wide concerts have involved artists like Steven Page and Ed Robertson, the founders of Barenaked Ladies. Of course, maintaining a healthy mind depends on a healthy body. There are lots of ways to stay in shape here: a 5,000-square-foot fitness centre, intramural teams, a double gymnasium, squash courts, an indoor golf-training centre, and a state-of-the-art tennis centre with six clay courts – just to name a few.

Serving Students

At UOIT, we know that success is always a team effort. Our commitment to your success includes a range of student services, backed by an impressive array of knowledgeable and caring professionals. Cash concerns? The University of Ontario Institute of Technology offers scholarships and bursaries that recognize academic achievement or assist students with financial challenges. In addition, you can access one-on-one budget counselling, or find out about on-campus employment opportunities. Our Housing Office can help you find a great place to live. And at the Campus Health Centre, doctors and nurses provide confidential medical services on campus or can refer you to outside services. The Centre for Students with Disabilities (REACH office) helps students who are blind or have low vision, are deaf or hard of hearing, or who have physical, medical, psychiatric or learning disabilities. Career + Employment Services offers a wide range of career services, including Job Site, an online job-listing resource available exclusively to our students.


All the Amenities

Our amazing residences offer comfort, convenience, great friendships, and a chance to immerse yourself more deeply in campus life. With our Simcoe Village residence and our South Village complex, accommodation is available for 1,364 students. All first-year students are guaranteed accommodation if they choose to live on campus.

Our residences feature:

* 24-hour security
* Choice of a room with two beds or a suite with two private bedrooms
* Kitchenettes and three-piece bathrooms in each room and suite
* TV, cable, phone and high-speed Internet access
* On-site laundry, additional kitchen facilities, and storage space
* A movie lounge with a large-screen TV and theatre-style seating
* A games room, a meeting room, and common study areas
* Light housekeeping every two weeks.


A Dedication to Innovation

The challenges of the 21st century demand an innovative approach to post-secondary education. The University of Ontario Institute of Technology is setting the pace. You can see it in our use of leading-edge educational technology to enrich the educational experience. We combine the academic excellence of a traditional university with career-focused learning and preparation. Our curriculum has been developed in consultation with business and community leaders. We’re also focused on outstanding research that reaps rewards for society and business. For our graduates, our unique approach means one thing: you’ll be ready to make a difference in the workplace from day one.

The Power of Laptop Learning

As Ontario’s only laptop-based university, UOIT is harnessing technology to take learning to a new level. Every student uses a current model IBM laptop to conduct research, make presentations, communicate with faculty, and access course materials. An annual mobile-computing fee covers the use of your laptop, as well as exhaustive computer support, insurance, and a wide range of software tailored specifically to your academic specialty. Our campus is designed for wired and wireless connectivity, allowing you to use your laptop almost anywhere, anytime.

What’s in it for You?

What’s so special about laptops? For our students, they simply make learning more dynamic, meaningful and flexible. Thanks for a campus-wide learning-technology system known as WebCT, professors can develop more sophisticated course content and activities. Students and professors make use of rich media that go far beyond the traditional textbook – audio, video, animations, simulations, and synchronous and asynchronous communications. In the process, they gain the advanced-technology skills that employers need and a competitive edge in the job market. At UOIT, technology is revolutionizing teaching, too.


The Face of Excellence

Building a great university depends first on attracting great professors. The competition for talented minds today is tougher than ever. But the University of Ontario Institute of Technology has already attracted gifted teachers and researchers who would be at home at any of the world’s most respected centres of learning. At UOIT, the percentage of faculty with doctoral degrees is among the highest in Canada. In assembling its team of top faculty, the university has sought out stars who shine in the classroom, as well as the lab. They are leaders in their field, and their expertise in teaching and research is based on experience from around the world. They are dedicated to preparing their students to be the leaders of tomorrow.

New Frontiers of Knowledge

We’re breaking down the ivory towers that insulate researchers from the world and each other. In only a short time, UOIT is already earning a reputation for research excellence, and has attracted significant funding and awards. The university is committed to interdisciplinary research and development that is relevant to society and business. Our discoveries will result in commercialization, improved professional practice, a cleaner environment, and a better quality of life for every member of the global community in the 21st century. Because we’re a young university, our undergraduates can make a real contribution to fulfilling this vision. At UOIT, you really can make a difference.

An Environment that Inspires

Our dedication to excellence is reflected in the quality of our campus facilities. Planners worked around the clock to create an academic environment that is beautiful, functional, safe, technologically advanced and environmentally friendly. Designed by the award-winning firm of Diamond + Schmitt Architects Inc., the initial phase of the campus plan includes three attractive academic buildings and an impressive, four-storey library. The library offers an exceptional atmosphere for learning, including a bright, spacious second-floor study hall with a ceiling that takes in two entire floors. A rotunda on the southwest corner of the building includes a first-floor café and a two-storey fireplace reading room, housing the periodical collection. Study areas on all floors offer ample desktop and wireless computer access. Recent additions to the campus also include our beautiful, year-round Campus Tennis Centre, complete with six, professional-grade, Har-Tru clay courts. And in 2005, stay tuned for a modern, twin-pad arena complex, funded in part by the City of Oshawa.

In Harmony with the Earth

In every way, UOIT embodies the notion that innovation should never sacrifice sustainability. Our campus design incorporates a number of state-of-the-art environmental features. All UOIT buildings have “green” natural vegetation roofs that keep heating and cooling costs low and improve storm-water management. The university also boasts one of the largest geothermal well fields in North America. Comprised of 375 holes, each drilled 200 metres (656 feet) into the ground, the well field is the centrepiece of a sophisticated thermal energy storage system that uses the earth’s relatively constant temperature to provide a stable, low-maintenance and efficient energy source. During the winter, fluid circulating through tubing extended into the wells will collect heat from the earth and carry it into the buildings. In summer, the system will reverse to pull heat from the buildings and place it in the ground. The system will eventually serve eight campus buildings.


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We’re Parent Approved

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Student Satisfaction

As UOIT grows, it will work tirelessly to enhance your educational experience and achieve superior student satisfaction. In its first year, an impressive75 per cent of students said they were satisfied or very satisfied with all aspects of their experience at UOIT, according to a March 2004 survey. More than 80 per cent were satisfied or very satisfied with the availability and helpfulness of faculty and staff.


Durham: A Dynamic Region to Explore

Located in the heart of beautiful Durham Region, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology is close to big-city excitement and rural relaxation. The region’s rolling hills, picturesque towns and urban amenities offer something for everyone – from wilderness escapes to unique shops, to movies, clubs and fine restaurants. The cultural scene is vibrant. The area’s rich history and diversity have spawned a plethora of fascinating museums and attractions. And, as the birthplace of bands like Sum 41 and Not by Choice, Durham is a dynamic centre for indie music and pop culture. There’s something for every taste at every time of year.


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