“John Schofield is a skilled editor with a knack for witty and informative headline writing. He is also a wonderful writer with a proven track record at the Toronto Star and Maclean’s. Above all, he is an agreeable and friendly person who is capable of working well within a team concept.”

(Kevin Scanlon, Assistant City Editor, Senior Copy Editor, Toronto Star)

“John is a very good journalist. He writes well, is a strong editor, and has a keen eye for a story. He is conscientious, courteous, loyal and extremely hard working.”

(Geoffrey Stevens, author, former managing editor, Maclean’s, former editor, The Globe and Mail)

“Great piece John — love the flow and your style — perfect for the mag. Great job!”

Jeff Brownlee, VP Communications, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters

“Re: the editing of this story. Honestly, you made my job verrrrry easy on this one.”

(Donna Paris, Canadian Living)

“John was a pleasure to work with as a researcher/writer. He is diligent, quick, thorough, and always pleasant. I would never hesitate to bring him on to any project.”

(Kevin McMahon, Producer-Director, Primitive Entertainment Inc.)

“John, I just want to congratulate you on that really nice piece you wrote for us. In tone, tenor and style, it’s exactly what we were looking for.”

(Ken Mallet, Senior Writer, Ontario SuperBuild Corp.)

“As an editor responsible for multiple projects, time is never on my side. That’s why I have to rely on writers that can deliver compelling copy on time and under budget. John consistently turns in copy that’s ready to roll, and that’s a big help when deadlines are looming.”

(Mitchell Brown, Editor-in-Chief and Manager of Publications, Retail Council of Canada)